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Creating an online dating profile the wrong way can potentially sabotage any chances you have of true love. People fail miserably, (men in particular), and give up the search for their potential partner, by not paying attention to the right dating advice. Without doubt you are destroying any chance you have of attracting a partner by being misinformed.

 You probably have been
Creating silly errors that will lead to you barking up the wrong tree.
Neglecting to add the correct information.
Not being aware that every single word you write has meaning.
Making sure you are on the right dating site for your needs.
Getting it wrong can cause you to abandon all hope of ever being romantically linked to someone.

But the good news is that by listening to good honest advice then acting on it will improve your techniques, it should improve your chances and that in turn should lead to your success.

‘I want to begin online dating, but I don’t know where to begin’

What are the best dating sites?

 This is a question
This is a question that is often asked and despite the colossal amount of information offered online about the different dating sites, there is no clear cut answer.

Now if you personalised the question with ‘What is the best dating site for me?’, that will be easier to answer than the generic former question.

 Ask yourself
The best way to do this is to ask yourself a number of questions like:
What am I looking for, a gay/straight/bi-sexual, dating site?
Do I need to more specialised dating site?
What are my wants/needs?
What do I want to accomplish from this/these relationships?
Do I need to be on a dating site that is more specialised?
Do I need a site where it caters to lots of people?

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 Modern dating etiquette for men

Fortunately, any time is the right time to make positive changes and perfect your online dating profile.
Men’s profiles need to be different and be a challenge for women, be a bit more daring.
When you message women, do some research and come up with something more original than the generic ‘Hi how are you’ type of greeting. An example of this is to write what you liked about her profile, or comment on her photo. And be genuine don’t just say things for the sake of it, not only does it feel fake, but it makes you out to be untrustworthy.
Being critical is the number one mistake both sexes are essentially making. Try not to be too harsh if the person you meet in real life looks slightly different in their profile picture, just look at the thousands of models pictures out there that look nothing like what they do if you saw them in real life, don’t immediately distrust them, just accept the fact that some people take better photo’s than others.

What do you think are the main reasons why people fail at online dating? It would be great for you to leave a comment below. I would love to hear your comments.

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 How to approach online dating
Everyone is different, some people think that their strategy and methods used should surely work..nevertheless , one must approach this way of thinking with caution.
There is a way of dealing with dating but the techniques require a different way of thinking
Be open minded.
Try not to be set in your ways.
Be adaptable.
Be open to trying something different.
There is a belief that men have to do all the initiating and on certain sites that is true, but men do find it particularly attractive in a woman if she initiates first contact. Men need to be honest, trustworthy, authentic and genuine.

 Internet dating advice for men and
Lots of men needlessly quit after 3 months of online dating because of various reasons, but it seems such a waste.… There is a problem with women having too many options though so this may contribute to this problem.

Mens ego’s bruise very easily and their lack of motivation plummets and they become despondent and disinterested with each knock back and with each unanswered message. causing them to quit.

Although men tend to message a lot of women, men should focus on quality rather than quantity.

Men get upset at the lack of replies back from their initial enquiry, but have you thought about the fact that there is probably a glaringly obvious answer to this?

Like whoever you are messaging, might just have not joined properly and have not paid the subscription fee needed to be able to message you back.

This one problem probably accounts for some of the profiles women have put up.

The women that have joined (but have not yet paid for the full service) are testing the waters, they have signed up with no commitment to stay.

Another reason women don’t answer their messages because they may have opened up a new email and have forgotten to simply check it on a regular basis.

Or they have been bombarded with messages (spammed almost) and have to literally weed out the mr wrongs quickly, and that can include those men who just write ‘ Hi there’.

A way around this is to pursue her, if you really want her, then don’t just stop at one message. If the first one didn’t catch her attention, try again with a different message and a different pose on your profile pic. Try this maybe two or three times, and if she still isn’t interested then move on to the next girl on your list, and rather than messaging a whole load of women at the same time, just pursue one at a time and take your time over it, put some thought into it and it will show through.

 Men’s pet hates
Women that say they want a soul mate.
Boring profiles that are too generic.
Men think that women are playing games if they don’t answer the initial email. They would like it if women are more upfront. If they leave a guy hanging for a response then that has a negative impact. Men would like a response, any response with an explanation would do. It will create closure for them to be able to move on.

Men don’t like be manipulated.
Women not answering the questions that they have been asked.
Men view women’s profiles as lazy if they put ‘if you want to know just ask’ in their profiles.
Being obnoxious.
Men find that women tend to be superficial and only want to date men who are over 6 foot tall and physically attractive.
Women tend to generalise and put ‘I want someone who is loyal and caring’ when this is not the main quality they are looking for.
Having no respect.
Men are more visual and want to see a full head to toe photo of the girl, not just a head shot.
Men don’t like it when women are being clingy and needy.
Men find that women lie about their appearance.
Not logging out of a dating site, if you open up another tab and leave the page you are on, it shows you as being still logged in and actively on site.

 Women’s pet hates
Men who only want to date someone who is a lot younger than them. Boring profiles that are too generic. Men need to be more eloquent in their communication with a combination of being courteous and interesting. Men being unintentionally creepy. Spelling mistakes (we all do this, we are only human). Rude and vulgar messaging. Lying about height and using a profile pic that is 10 years out of date. Women feel that when men are messaging anyone and everyone they do it to have a quick fling. Mens profile photo with their shirt off. Men who after a date are not honest about how they feel about her, and rather than say thanks but no thanks, end up saying they have had a fantastic time and then don’t tell her that you don’t like her leaving her hanging on.

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